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Free... BiaB songs... with guitar bends!
Each song below was created in BiaB using a one of my styles. Yes, many have style generated guitar bends.

Feel free to download them for your educational purposes!

Listed below are some mgu song files for Biab created using my styles.   Each demonstrates the various possibilites of the style as well as the number of possibilities for creating songs.

Warning, these files are for instructional purposes only.   Please do not abuse these samples.

Click here for more information about those styles.
The booklet,
"How to Create a Style From a Midi File",
is now available for your instructional needs.

This booklet guides the reader, step by step, in the process of taking a midi file (click to hear ) found on the internet and turning it into a Biab style (12mid.mid click to hear).

Click here for more information on how you can learn to create styles like those you hear on this page or
Email me if you are interested.

Free Song Downloads for Biab Style Used   Midi Snipet  This is way the song.mgu sounds using my styles.
Take These Chains.mgu   12hank.sty (37 styles)  Take These Chains.mid
Good Old Boys.mgu   12hank.sty (37 styles)  Good Old Boys.mid
Messing With My Mind.mgu   12hank.sty (37 styles)  Messing With My Mind.mid
Last Blue Yodel.mgu   12hank.sty (37 styles)   Last Blue Yodel.mid
Mary, Mary.mgu   12blues.sty (11 styles)   Mary, Mary.mid
Crazy Little Mama.mgu   12blues.sty (11 styles)   Crazy Little Mama.mid
For You Blue.mgu   12rays.sty (11 styles)   For You Blue.mid
See Ya Later Alligator.mgu   12rays.sty (11 styles)   See Ya Later Alligator.mid
School Days.mgu   12rays.sty (11 styles)   School Days.mid
Blueberry Hill.mgu   12rays.sty (11 styles)   Blueberry Hill.mid
Here Comes My Baby.mgu   12sweet.sty (23 styles)  Here Comes My Baby.mid
Fools Fall in Love.mgu   12sweet.sty (23 styles)  Fools Fall in Love.mid
Chattahoochee.mgu   16cady.sty (15 styles)  Chattahoochee.mid

You can order these styles now for $10 each ...or... Learn to make your own for $25!


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